New Release - Ayano


Faeline Fairy Wings

Flexi wings for the tiniest fairies or huge wings beings packed full of features.

Lots of built in features including:

  • Adjustable size from 1/10th to 3 times normal human size
  • Change the way they flap when flying or not flying and also a flutter option
  • Change the softness, feel and tilt
  • Add fairy dust and sparkles, adjust the brightness and glow
  • Optional and customizable chat/emote when someone touches your wings

Faeline Fairy Wings are very easy to use and can be controlled by HUD or built in menus.

See all the Faeline Fairy wings flapping for real in our Main Shop, pick up your free bag of fully functioning demo wings to try them yourself, win them on our Lucky Chair (mushroom), buy them in the Main Shop or on the Second Life Marketplace.