Faeline Merchant Vendor System

The Faeline Merchant vendors system is a web managed and central distribution system to sell your products in Second Life.

Web Management
Allows you to setup and configure your products, in-world vendors and distribution points on the internet with only a few clicks.

Central Delivery
Inventory and product delivery is managed centrally through one or more distributor mushrooms located in one or more locations in-world making adding new products or updating products very simple.

Affiliate Option
Allow others, your affiliates, to sell your products for a percentage of the sale price.

Easy to Use
Vendors are very easy to use in-world for your customers and the web management is intuitive and user friendly leaving you free to spend time creating new products instead of managing vendors.

Very Low Land Impact
Designed to minimize land impact which allows you to display more products in your rented locations.

Sales & Transaction Reporting
The full transaction history is available in the Faeline Merchant web site for online reporting and for downloading as a CSV file.

The Faeline Merchant system can send notifications of sales or product delivery by email or in-world IM.

Automatic Updates
As they are made available new features and system changes can be quickly and easily set up using an automatic script updater.

Secure and Reliable
The web application and in-world scripts are built to be highly secure. The product delivery mechanism is highly resilient with multiple retry and alternative routing mechanisms in the event of communication problems. If all re-routing fails your customer will be given a refund in full.