Products for the discerning kitties of Second Life
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 A kitty is independent

we make our own rules, follow no one and live by our own personal values

 A kitty is pragmatic

we put the effort in to get the results, but only if really warranted

 A kitty is inquisitive

we like to understand the world around us, everyone in it and how things work

 A kitty is affectionate

we love those close to us, but the affection has to be earned

 A kitty looks after herself

we dress well, groom endlessly and ensure we always look our best

 A kitty is playful

we love to have fun, in between rest and relaxation of course

 A kitty is a predator

we love to hunt, and to catch and eat small creatures and fluttery things

 A kitty doesn't like change

lets not rock the boat unnecessarily

 A kitty doesn't like dogs

hissssssssssss... spit... hiss some more

 A Faeline Kitty is all these and loves fairies too