"Very elegant and move soo naturally ive recieved many compliements when I am out and about!!!"
- Selena Sorbet
"Gorgeous! very dramatic and sexy, they remind me of something from the Brazillian Carnival"
- Maribel Barcelos
"I feel at one with nature and the envy of all creatures fair and fae"
- Varielle
"Most realistic and beautiful wings on the virtual planet"
- Xara Claven
"Another beautiful set of wings... and with the hud they are perfect to customize"
- Scout Zsun
"I love how delicate they are, and the watercolor look"
- kali Wylder
"Beautifully designed delicate wings, will make any fairy proud to display them"
- Schmooples
"omg they are gorgeous, they remind me of a autumn forest fairy"
- Mailania
"Beautifully designed and wonderfully textured, the scripting is very low lag"
- Shynne Nirvana
"Exquisitely designed with features that make her wings stand out from the rest"
- Rogue Dalton
"I love Faeline Fairy's delicate and creative wild wings"
- Nefertiti Zeffirelli
"Found beautiful wings called Faeline Fairy Chouko Rose"
- StormyRaven13 Zero
"These Wings are so realistic, they bring out the fairy in me like no other wings in SL, simply awesome!!!"
- Lisadragonmoon
"Love the beauty of them, detail is amazing, a lot for the money"
- Chloechisum
"They remind me of morning dew on a rare exotic orchid, I adore them"
- Kitacelia
"I have a winggasum every time I wear them or see new ones or a new color, so amazing"
- Sweetrose Burner
"Absolutely gorgeous, I love the little sparkles in them"
- Enigma Nymphea
"These wings are gorgeous "
- Hartleyrose
"So delicate and stunning with their unique shape and texture"
- Too Forsythe
"I love the Hiroko Violet wings the most, fits my personality and style"
- RocKStar Sciarri
"The detail of those eyes is amazing, I could look into those all day"
- Cloui Firanelli
"Hitomi wings are the best wings I have seen in sl..the colors are beautiful ..I just love them"
- raspberrycinnamon
"They're lovely... when I want to wear wings my only choice"
- susanbranch
"omg, they are gorgeous! matching perfectly with my look"
- Sonam Kytori
"Very unique one of a kind wings"
- SableCat Camino
"Faeline makes the nicest, most functional wings in SL. Beautiful to behold"
- Pippin Fireguard
"I really love those wings, they are simply awesome and great in detail"
- Dyani Faintree
"I just love the wings... so many varieties... and you can make them any size you want"
- WillowWisper
"Wow these are amazing"
- Oestellao
"I like to blend in, to be one with the plants, with these wings I feel I am doing that perfectly"
- Rosatta
"It's perfect! I'm basing my outfit around this wings"
- Stupidestangel
"They look great, I think it's the best wings in SL"
- Chantia Falta
"The wings have lovely detail, and are quite delicate and pretty"
- Tashi Edenflower
"I really like the wings I got from Faeline, there is just so much I can do with them"
- DiannaLynn
"I love these wings! They really light my fire. Corny, but true. lol"
- Aznana Shieldmaiden
"I absolutely love my Faeline wings they look soft and realistic"
- Willow Broderie
"Nicely scripted with a excellent texture easy to resize"
- Rancotski Werefox
"They are wonderfully made and I enjoy wearing them"
- Bella Larkspur
"I love, it's magic and fairy"
- Gloriagemme
"wings r cute especially if y r a fairie and y want something different"
- Mad Quinote
"Simply wonderful! Gr8 comments from my friends"
- Romsey Homewood
"I love the colors of my Misaki wings and how they move"
- Peace Dragovar
"Perfect accompiament to my lil fairy self"
- Sunshine SpiritWeaver
"Very well make ... I am very picky about what I like to wear"
- Wyndchyme
"Very special wings... I consider these Wings the best in Sl"
- Lost Moleno
"The design is lovely, simple and elegant and delicate"
- Jayne Woodrunner
"They are so purdie I wants 'em all"
- Minxie Xaris
"The bestest wings in all of the Virtual Worlds"
- Nichola Kling
"I love these wings... many options and they look very realisitc"
- Adrianna Sabretooth
"Delicate designs easy to fit and wear... im loving them lol"
- Penny Dix
"I noticed that my avatar keep more and more attention"
- Esther Boyle
"I totally love them"
- Akashajade
"Fairies don't hesitate to buy this model, is beautifull"
- Kouan
"I fell in love, great animations and very realistic with a whimsical charm"
- Jezabelle Foxdale
"Beautiful textures and is the best wings I have ever bought"
- Firehorse Goldblatt
"Unique, one of a kind designs, not somethings you can find just anywhere"
- Sage Kestrel
"These wings are beautifully made with an easy to use menu... just what i was looking for"
- Amazedbyewe
"These wings are remarkable, stunning and exquisite!!!!!"
- darkangel3642
"They're absolutely gorgeous, remind me of Peacock feathers!"
- Moonbeam Jillybean
"So divine and stunning, they are wing-gasmic"
- Serraweckerly
"They bring out the true fae and flow as if they are made from real gossamer"
- Echobellamy
"I love the feathery ends and the native american feel to them"
- Pleasing Pixie
"I love these spectacular wings, just perfect for my Fae outfits"
- Caladwen
"Exquisite, exactly how it should be"
- 8viatrix8
"I like the detailing and how they move, its hard to find wings that look and move nicely"
- Kurashi Nansen
"I love these wings because of the time and obvious eye for detail... and resonably priced"
- Aire Xaris
"Very beautiful... great for textures and menus"
- Edeni
"OMG they are AMAZING!!! omg omg OMG! i am sooooo not taking these off for a month!"
- Elie Back
"I continue to get nothing but compliments on my new favorite Saki wings"
- Marifae
"I love them. the color is beautiful"
- Neytiri723
"Level of detail is amazing to me... I love the almost dragonflyeque feel"
- Pegasus70
"So beautifully made and textured, I love them"
- Damoira
"With drops of morning dew, these are the perfect wings to greet the start of spring"
- Deva Westland
"I absolutely love my Faeline Fairy wings... beautiful"
- Scoop Clutterbuck
"I love how they move and flow naturally with my body, they makes me feel like I am floating in water"
- Tinaashe
"I been looking for great pair and I found the best on sl... a very HAPPY CUSTOMER"
- redtoenails
"Colors are amazing and the animations work flawlessly"
- Sugar Shui
"Extremely easy to use with options that will satisfy all the fairy creatures"
- daymare Doobie
"I love those wings, it is important that they always be worthy of a Princess"
- Celeste Twig
"Natural Fae wings, I feel like a Fae in my soul, deep inside the green woods"
- Do Lubitsch
"I love the shiori wings - cool and fluffy - beautiful"
- Zanna Hye
"Shiori Blossom wings-Amazing! Beautifully designed wings, floaty and delicate"
- Lillianna Whitfield
"They make you not only LOOK GOOD but they make you FEEL GOOD as well"
- Vihlyrel Eclipse
"Perfect, exactly what I was looking for"
- Nyx Blackcinder
"I love the Faeline Fairy Wings... itís such a striking visual"
- Nessie Tripsa
"Some of the best textured and scripted I've found in SL, they move so realistically"
- Mandie Khaos
"Others always tell me what great wings I have and how nice I look"
- Sue Windstorm
"The level of detail on these wings is incredible... a real attention getter!"
- DesireeGraymoon
"I absolutely love them, the design is really remarkable"
- xYellowDivaxX
"Absolutely stunning, like no other, and details down the the outline of hairs and tendrils"
- RachelRae Blessed
"I've found the best wings at Faeline Fairy including my new green Takako wings"
- CinderBreeze
"omg! they are awsome, I couldn't believe the detail in them"
- quozett Congrejo
"Truly a very stunning set of wings"
- Feliciana Zabaleta
"I love the shape of these wings, the colour mixes with so many clothes"
- Cassie200294
"Such great variety, and this new set is no exception. Wonderful!"
- Jazaar
"Truely beautiful and can give any fairy the feeling of elegance"
- Fuyutsuki
"With this wings I feel I'm a fairy and this is magic for me"
- Jujuvie
"Easily controlled and can be set for different movements... just look plain awesome"
- Loki Damour
"I love my Faeline Fairy wings... I wear them often... the wings feel so light and natural"
- Molly Pexie
"Well crafted and move natually and have amazing colors"
- Belinda Barnes